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Adrian is a coach, a professional stunt rider, a bicycle technician and tour guide. As a kid, Adrian and his friends wanted technical routes to practice their burgeoning stunt skills, so they purchased garden tools from a garage sale and constructed their very own bike trails.

“Group riding was really important to me,” Adrian says. “We would get together. Then we’d build and ride trails.”

They noticed that other riders were using the freshly-constructed pathways, and they were enjoying them. This ignited something in Adrian. He became not only hooked on trails but also getting people onto them.

"People need equal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. And I want to help them in the process.”

While he still enjoys riding his bicycle, Adrian also leads indigenous perspective group bicycle tours, which visit sites of artistic and historic significance in Treaty One Territory land. For Adrain, this is an act of honouring reconciliation.

“Inclusivity to me,” Adrian explains, “is when you begin to invite peoples who are of indigenous descent, women, children, older people, people who are disabled. This is the big question: how do we get everyone to the trailhead?”