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Elise lives in Montreal and works as a freelance content producer. As the youngest of three children, she was exposed to a wide range of ideas and images at a young age, including the science fiction film ALIEN 3. Elise vividly remembers the lead actor in the film, Sigourney Weaver — more specifically, the significance of her shaved head.

"I wasn’t impressed with the fictional character, rather with the actress herself. To me, she embodied women’s strength. She went so far for her role, and that never left me.”

A few weeks ago, Elise woke up and decided to shave her own head.

"There was a spontaneity to it. I called my brother and said, 'Hey, you want to shave my head?' At the same time, it feels like it was 20 years in the making.”

The people who know Elise weren’t surprised; a shaved head embodies where she is in her life. As for people who don’t know her, she can see the way they assess her reasons: Is a shaved head for fashion? Is it a feminist statement? A one-time thing for a social cause? And others question whether she is ill — physically or mentally. She lets them question.

“As a woman in society where hair is very much valued, it can also be somewhat of a shield. Now my face is exposed all the time. There’s a vulnerability to it. But I’m in a place where I’m confident enough, I feel whole enough to be able to rock the look."