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Originally from Saskatchewan, Lara now lives in Toronto and works in the music industry. To bring an element of balance to her urban life, she also teaches and practices yoga.

“Yoga is my reality check,” Lara says. “I observe my body — where it’s weak, strong, tense, flexible. What its limits are. I observe my thoughts and feelings, where they are weak, strong, tense, flexible or limited. Yoga helps me in that process of observation.”

Lara’s practice has been informed by a diversity of teachers and methods, such as studio classes, online programs, guided meditations and self-guided exploration. Ultimately, the most important thing for a yogic learning process, she believes, is finding teachers that foster an environment of education and critical thought.

“If I’m in a ‘Drink this delicious Kool-Aid! It’ll cure all your problems!’ situation, it doesn’t really set me up to learn anything. I need to test the lessons against my own personal experience.”

Teaching yoga is essentially teaching parts of herself. Through guiding and observing students, classes become an extension of her own practice. She grows through teaching. Lara loves it when students challenge her with questions. She also loves it when she has the opportunity to gently challenge students to shift their own perspectives. Her main intent is to ‘un-brand’ yoga, so it becomes accessible to more people.

“If you don’t want to practice, that’s absolutely valid. Yoga is not for everyone,” she asserts. "But if you want to practice, and you can’t or don’t feel comfortable — that’s something that I’d love to help solve.”