Gene Wey.jpg

Meet Gene.

“I could hear the trees creaking in the wind. It felt peaceful— like I was suppose to be there.”

mylene st.pierre.png

Meet Mylène.

"As I grew into my own skin, I was done with being seen as a doormat, or being seen as ‘less than’ because of fatness, because of otherness.”

Mel (©Daniel Baylis)-20.jpg

Meet Mel.

“The big challenge is making a collage into an actual ‘work of art’. But the process of collage making, in and of itself, is a great exercise of hanging out with your thoughts in a meditative way."

elise legault.jpg

Meet Elise.

“As a woman in society where hair is very much valued, it can also be somewhat of a shield. Now my face is exposed all the time. There’s a vulnerability to it."

Areen thumbnail.jpeg

Meet Areen.

“This shop is my present to my father. It's not just cooking. It's everything."

Preston ©

Meet Preston.

“I see myself as an artist who is first-nations. Not a first-nations artist. There’s a difference. If you’re not making art that could be sold in a gift shop, you’re not necessarily considered a first-nations artist. These art forms have to evolve.”

Evelyn ©

Meet Evelyn.

“If I don’t paint, I can become depressed and miserable. Painting gives me freedom to play, explore, delve into the unknown, trust the process.”

adrian alphonso (portraits of the people).jpg

Meet Adrian.

"People need equal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. And I want to help them in the process.”

lara farcasan.jpg

Meet Lara.

“Yoga is my reality check. I observe my body—where it’s weak, strong, tense, flexible. What its limits are. I observe my thoughts and feelings, where they are weak, strong, tense, flexible or limited."


Meet Evan.

"We imbue our voices with the weight and significance of our personhood. But we aren’t restricted to the current voice we have."

alice koss.jpg

Meet Alice.

“I found myself questioning most everything I'd ever believed to be true. It put me at serious odds with my family.”